30 Celebrities Who Have Health Challenges And Illnesses

They say health is the greatest wealth, and for good reason: without health we really can’t accomplish much in our lives. Whether it’s physical, mental or emotional health, good health is vital for our survival and our ability to thrive. Some celebs face a variety of health challenges, some of which allow them to go […]

This Baby Was Born With A Brain Condition And His Twin Brother Gave Him Hope

It’s a well documented fact that twins share an intense bond that can’t be broken, even when they’re apart. So, when a young mom gave birth to twin boys and one of them ended up having to fight for his life, it was that incredible brotherly connection that ultimately healed him. Here’s the story of […]

These Twin Sisters Were Separated At Birth And They Reunited Halfway Across The World

Born in China, twin sisters, Gracie and Audrey, were separated at birth and never knew about each other. Then one day fate brought them back together on the other side of the world. Find out how these identical twins were reunited… [easy-social-share buttons=”facebook” counters=0 style=”button” template=”23″ fullwidth=”yes” point_type=”simple” facebook_text=”Share On Facebook”]

This Family Lost Their 10-Month Old – And Then She Sent Them A Message Of Hope

Ever since the Legge family lost their daughter Evelyn, they’ve made sure to celebrate her life every day. On the day that would have been Evelyn’s third birthday, they received a message that seemed to come directly from her and they paid attention to it. This would ultimately lead to a very unexpected change in […]

19 Amazing Facts About The Mayans That You’ve Never Heard Before

The Mayans are known for their incredible understanding of medicine, astronomy, math and other complex sciences. As a civilization they are one of the most fascinating and their decline is still something that still amazes historians till this day. Here are 19 incredible facts about this influential civilization that you’ve never heard of before. [easy-social-share […]

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