50 Amazing Beauty Products You Must Try Today

The beauty industry is embracing technology more than ever before. Eternal youth is within our reach with these innovative gadgets.
Here are 50 Beauty Products You Need to Try Today!


Grow your lashes with the first FDA approved treatment. Latisse grows lashes longer, fuller and darker. Throw away those fake lashes and talk to your doctor about this prescription only treatment for your very own eyelashes that are guaranteed to turn heads.

Mobile Makeup Matcher

If you’re afraid of investing in the wrong color foundation or powder, there’s an app for that. Hewlett Packard developed a mobile application that allows you to select a makeup shade that is best suited for your skin. Simply take a picture of your face and let the computer go to work. Within a matter of minutes, you will get a text message response suggesting the right shade for you.

IlluMask Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask

Treat your acne with light therapy without visiting the dermatologist. For a few minutes a day, put on the IlluMask and let it do the work. Free of chemicals and UV light, this face mask will harness the power of clinically proven technology to let skin heal itself.


Looking for ways to reduce cellulite without having to go under a knife? iLipo offers the latest technology for non-surgical fat reduction, cellulite smoothing and body shaping with the use of low level laser energy which break down fat cells. Though the treatment is quite pricey (averaging about $1000), it is still much less than plastic surgery.

Neubelle System

Botox is a little intimidating. You’re in luck! The Neubelle system offers an alternative to injecting your face with neurotoxins. It uses bipolar radio frequency to cause a small thermal lesion, temporarily stopping the nerve signals in your face and freezing muscles so wrinkles stop appearing. What a relief! There’s an alternative to needles.

Spray on Nail Polish

Why waste time painting your nails and waiting for them to dry when you can just spray them on. Nails Inc. created a spray-on polish that works by adhering to your nails and not your skin. Simply spray on, then wash your hands. Talk about getting a perfect polish every time.

Clarisonic Smart Profile

Clarisonic is a beauty innovator. This Smart Profile device targets 15 signs of aging on the face and neck by providing a next level micro-firming massage, sonic cleansing, and boosts absorption of skin care results. Users say that they look 20 years younger in a matter of 12 weeks. Why didn’t we start using this sooner?


This data-protected smart mirror analyzes your skin but also suggests a customized skincare routine. The HiMirror is an intelligent device that tracks your progress and offers beauty tips. There’s no excuse for healthy skin with a mirror like this.


If the HiMirror was not enough, try HiSkin. This device scans your complexion to determine the appropriate treatment for your skin. Along with the mobile app, it gives you recommendations on how to take care of your skin and products to use.

Skin Glow Pillows

Take beauty sleep to another level with Skin Glow Pillow’s Cupron Copper technology. The copper oxide plated fibers are designed to restore your skin to its youthful glow while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while you sleep.

Iluminage Smoothing Laser

This skin smoothing laser is handheld, cordless and designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. No need to head to the dermatologist! You will look years younger over a few weeks of using the Iluminage Smoothing Laser in your own home.

Lumo Lift

Fear of becoming the next hunchback of Notre Dame? Don’t worry. There’s an app for that.

Lumo Lift provides a small device that you can wear under your shirt with a magnet that vibrates whenever you slouch. It can be synchronized to your phone via Bluetooth so you can monitor your results along with other health related information like how many steps you’ve taken that day.

HairMax Laser Comb

Switch out your thinning hair with healthy locks with this high tech comb. The device has two rows of teeth that use laser therapy to increase blood circulation which strengthens hair follicles for thicker, shinier hair.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Hot Rollers

Heat technology for your hair is getting better, and these hot rollers are just the item to prove it. John Paul Mitchell’s Neuro Cell Hot Rollers heat up within eight seconds and stay hot while styling. They are covered in a premium flock that provides grip, tame frizz, and give you smooth curls. Plus they turn off automatically in one hour to keep you from burning your house down.

Vinylux Weekly Polish

Tired of apply 4-6 coats of nail polish waiting for them to dry? Vinylux created a nail polish technology that allows you to apply color without a base coat. While ordinary nail polish breaks down over time, this polish promises that it dries faster and lasts longer.

Elizabeth Arden Anti Aging Serum

Whether you like it or not, mother nature causes environmental stress on your skin that causes fine lines and wrinkles. Elizabeth Arden Anti Aging Serum lifts skin and keeps working to protect against damage and signs of aging.

Wow Root Coverup

No time to dye your roots? Wow Root Cover Up is a powder that camouflages grays by adhering to your hair without being sticky or oily. It is available in eight different shades to ensure the right color matches the rest of your hair. This is a revolutionary product that proves you can hide your grays in crunch time.


Scientists are constantly finding new ways to help us look younger and keep our skin tone even. Enter Mirvaso for redness relief. You can treat rosacea within 12 hours with this miracle gel, leaving your skin looking younger than ever before.

Stila Eye Shadow

Not every eye shadow is created equal. These Stila Eye Shadow colors are heavy on pigment, finely milled and silky smooth, making them one of the top quality eye shadows on the market. Competitors need to step up their game if they want to have a chance against these vibrant colors.

Nexxus Pre Wash Primer

Washing hair can strip your newly dyed hair. Nexxus created a product that will keep your color vibrant longer with their Pre Wash Primer. Simply apply before washing and your hair dye will continue to keep its shade.

Garnier Ultra Lift

Yet another product on the market to remove fine lines and wrinkles. Garnier Ultra Lift is one that does not break the bank. It is a light, non-greasy daily moisturizer with vitamin E, Pro-Retinols, and rice pepids that deeply hydrate skin. Beauty tech continues to improve so wrinkles will be a thing of the past.

Temptu Airpad

No need to be a professional makeup artist to snag this beauty. The Temptu Airpad is an airbrush makeup device that is easy to use and has three speeds to customize coverage.

Amika Movos Wireless Styler

If getting near an outlet to style your hair is a problem, this is the flat iron for you. This powerful, cordless tool uses the latest technology to deliver professional results. It is made with titanium floating plates that provide maximum heat conductivity and recovery for your hair. The Amika Movos Wireless Styler is your solution to lack of space and a great sense of style.

Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure

Love how long a gel manicure lasts but not the price tag at the nail salon? The Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure system is just for you! Each of their nail polishes comes with an LED lamp to cure your color in just 30 seconds that lasts up to ten days. At $35 a bottle, its around the same cost of a manicure itself. What a deal!

Sphynx Travel Razor

We have all missed a spot after shaving our legs. The Sphynx Travel razor is an innovative 3-in-1 innovative experience. Each compact product contains a refillable water spray bottle, shea butter moisturizing bar, and two razor blades so you can shave anytime and anywhere.

T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Wand

This award winning curling iron does not have just one barrel but three switchable barrels that allow you to change up your style each day of the week. You can create any shape or size wave from bouncy curls to beachy waves to 1950s bends.

Sultra The Vixen Volumizing Brush

Hair dryer technology continues to improve and this Sultra Volumizing Brush is no different. It features an ion generator that produces the highest number of negative ions to dry your hair faster while it maintains hair’s natural moisture. Wash and dry your hair in a flash with this product.

Foreo Issa Toothbrush

Step up your tooth brushing game with this state of the art toothbrush. This Foreo ISSA Hybrid Toothbrush is guaranteed to eliminate plaque build up without a visit to the dentist.

Tria Age Defying Eye Wrinkle

We’re on a mission to look young for as long as possible. This FDA approved Tria Age Defying Wrinkle correcting laser does just that by reducing crow’s feet by stimulating new collagen and triggering cell renewal. Simply trace wrinkles around your eyes with this tool two minutes a day to reduce fine lines.

Ziip Nano Current Skincare

Facial stimulation technology is the answer for reducing wrinkles around your eyes and mouth. This Ziip nano handheld skincare device delivers small vibrations that are pushed through skin to stimulate new cell growth. Don’t let old age win by letting your cells take a vacation. Wake them up a little with some electricity to keep you looking young.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson is not only a name in cleaning floors but they have created a product that is the quietest hair dryer ever. Though most consider the price tag a little steep at a whopping $500, many swear it is worth the investment as one of the best on the market.

Vichy Skin Diagnosis

Want a skin diagnosis without going to the dermatologist? You now can do that from your phone using the ideal skin diagnosis from Vichy. Simply take a photo of your skin and answer a few questions about your concerns. The app will offer suggestions and products so you can finally get the healthy skin you have always wanted.

L’Oreal Makeup Genius

Makeup is an investment. If you are prone to buy something that doesn’t work or you are afraid to spend the money, no need to worry. L’Oreal has created an app called Makeup Genius that allows you to take a picture of your face and virtually try on makeup without the commitment.


This foundation and powder applicator sends 250 sonic taps per second that allow women to tap on their favorite makeup just like the pros, giving them coverage that lasts all day. It even applies makeup evenly in hard to reach places around the eyes and nose.

JeNu System

For your skin to truly absorb skin care products, it needs a little help. The JeNu system has a super light wand that uses ultrasound waves to effectively push ingredients into your skin, to an extent that your fingertips cannot replicate. During clinical trials, it was found that seven times more women were satisfied with the appearance of their skin after using the JeNu system.


Reduce the signs of aging with this handy facial toning device. Not only does it make you look years younger but it also evens out your skin tone. After applying the primer gel, you can finish your treatment with your regular skincare routine.

Tria SmoothBeauty Laser

Until now, laser treatments were left to the dermatologist. Tria uses a blue laser to treat fine lines and wrinkles. The only problem you have with all of this beauty technology is choosing which one works best for you.

Clarisonic Opal Infusion System

Applying serum to remove crow’s feet by hands is sometimes not enough. Try using the Clarisonic Opal Infusion System for only 30 seconds a day around each eye to immediately firm, hydrate, and refresh skin.

me Smooth Hair Removal

No need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive laser hair removal treatments when you have the ME Smooth Hair Removal system at home. This device uses patented elos technology that is clinically proven and FDA cleared to be safe and effective on any skin type.

Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost

This device is designed to optimize your skin’s electrical potential while massaging facial muscles and stimulating deep layers of skin to produce collagen and new skin cells leaving your face looking years younger.

L’Oreal Steam Pod

Are you afraid of direct heat on your hair? L’Oreal has a solution. Their better than average hair straighter uses steam technology to leave your hair up to 50% smoother, shinier, and practically frizz-free.


This perfectly calibrated rotating brush will change the way you apply foundation to your face. It blends and buffs for natural looking results every time. The interchangable brush head connects with a smooth magnetic drop-in to switch with ease. Each brush head is made up of premium antimicrobial fibers which work best with sensitive skin.


Exfoliate your face from the comfort of your own home with the DERMAFALSH Facial Exfoliating Device. This 3-in-1 gadget removes dead cells, dullness, and peach fuzz with ease.

Foreo Iris

Your eyes need a massage too, especially if you want to get rid of those unsightly crow’s feet. Try the Foreo IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager that will help you de-puff, de-circle, and de-wrinkle your eyes for a more youthful appearance.

Dr. Jart Contour

Sometimes makeup is not enough. Dr. Jart + Liflra Contour shaper will help you achieve the cheekbones of your dreams. The massage roller uses physical stimulation to lift, sculpt, and define facial contours.

InfinitPRO by Conair Secret Wave

Celeb worthy beach waves take time with a traditional curling iron. Leave it to Conair to create InifinitPRO, an easy to use product that will help you style your hair without stepping foot in a salon.

Clinique Sonic System Massaging Treatment Applicator

Clinique is known for their amazing skin creams, daily moisturizers and skin firming masks. Get the most out of their product by massaging them into your skin with their Sonic System Massaging Treatment Applicator to boost regeneration.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

You’re a gal who thinks the lighting in your bathroom is not enough. This mirror is for you! The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror produces natural light so you can see full color variations in your skin and offers up to 10 times the magnification of a normal mirror so you can really analyze your pores and correct any makeup mishaps.

Sephora + Pantone Color IQ

Instead of trying on different kinds of products to find the right one, Sephora can help within a matter of minutes. Their Pantone Color IQ matching system is absolutely free and it will find the right shade for you.


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